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This 2005 file on cancer causing agents (RoC) is an informational clinical and public overall healthiness record that identifies and discusses brokers, elements, combinations, or publicity conditions that could pose a chance to human wellbeing and fitness by means of advantage in their carcinogenicity. It serves as a significant and necessary compilation of information on (1) The carcinogenicity (ability to reason cancer), genotoxicity (ability to break genes), and biologic mechanisms (modes of motion within the physique) of the indexed components in people and/or in animals, (2) the potential of human publicity to those elements, and (3) Federal laws to restrict exposures.
• entrance subject
• desk of Contents
• advent
cancer causing agents indexed within the 11th record
Substance Profiles
• document on cancer agents Nomination assessment methods

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It was used as a dye for synthetic fibers, furs, and thermoplastic resins (HSDB 2001). Solvent Blue 13 and Acid Blue 47 are the only dyes derived from 1-amino-2-methylanthraquinone that were produced in the United States Solvent Blue 13 was last produced in 1947 and Acid Blue 47 was last produced in 1973 (IARC 1982). Production 1-Amino-2-methylanthraquinone is no longer produced commercially in the United States (HSDB 2001). S. production began in 1948 and ended in 1970 (IARC 1982). Three current suppliers were identified (Chem Sources 2001).

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