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Harvard University provides an interesting example of the American attitude to the past. Harvard was founded in 1636. It is therefore not new. It is located in the Boston area, a part of the United States that is commonly thought of as being given to tradition. The concluding lines of Harvard's song ('Fair Harvard') would seem to confirm an interest in the past and a concern with tradition. First flower of her wilderness, star of her night, Calm rising through change and through storm. Indeed, Harvard's popular 'image' within the United States, is of a stuffy, conservative, slightly old fashioned place.

In the vast building programmes that Harvard has undertaken in the past 40 years, it has presumably not been thought sensible to restore Memorial Hall. It must be felt by those responsible for Harvard's life that such a building has no real part to play in the modern, changing, relevant Harvard of today. You might expect that it would be otherwise. When you consider that Boston and New England are felt, by Americans at any rate, to be given to tradition and history, and when you think of the central role played by New England in Abolition you might think that Harvard would be proud of Memorial Hall.

Perhaps the worst example of such an experiment to replace the natural family with an artificial family was perpetuated by a group of American citizens in a former British colony. The Rev. jack Jones, as reverend as Big Brother is brotherly, persuaded hundreds of caring Californians to eschew materialism and lead the true life in Guyana, a life largely nourished on tinned foods, before administering a loving cup offruit juice laced with cyanide. The horrors of Nineteen Eighty-Four fade into insignificance when compared to this nightmare which contains within it the lies, the savage contradictions, the faint spark of idealism and the stink of squalor which dominate Orwell's novel.

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