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By John Beames

Работа по сравнительной грамматике арийских языков Индии - панджаби, синдхи, гуджарати, хинди, ория, маратхи и бенгали. Каждый язык даётся своим алфавитом.
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E^ §er6ft. iefet aSinter? mein §err, iefet ift e6 nid^t SBinter, fonbern §erbft* 2BeId^e S'cifire^seit mar t)orf)er? beginners' GERMAN 14 SBelc^c ^af)xt^idt tdivb 2Bie na^^tv fein? ^ai)xt^idtm gibt e^? t)iele SBie Dielc 3^af)re^seiten f)a6en tDir? ^n ^ai)xt^dt leben tDir? n)eld^er SBtr leben im (in 3)er gruf)Img ber ©ommer SWftrs, ift bem) §erbft» bie erfte ^'aJire^aeit, ift bie jiDcite unb max Slpril Qai)xt^dt, etc. finb grii^Iinge- bie brei monate, ^uni, 3uli unb Sluguft finb bie ©ommer^ brei monate, ©eptember, Oftober nnb 5yiot)ember finb bie brei ^erbftmonate, ©ejember, -3anuar unb gebruar finb bie brei 3Bintermonate» 3lod^ 2)er §erbft einmal!

G. g. 2Ibbition? unb fro^ gelernt? Note that t>n is used when addressing a child (a relative, a friend) i^r is the plural of bu; Sic is used when speaking to young people and adults, singular and plural. beginners' GERMAN 26 rieunte 2lufgabe SBic Dieic Sage f)at cine (Sine 9Bo(f)e l^at [ieben Jage 2Kfo, n)iebielc ©icben 2^age bilben 9lDd^ einmaU SBod^c? Xa^t. bilbcn cine SSod^e? cine 2Bo(^e* sseld^e^ finb bie 9Berftage ciner SBod^e? J)ie SBerftage einer SBod^e ftnb S33ie t)iele 3ti einer SBod^e Declension: .

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