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See ref. ) Likewise, trans-Pt(gly)2 luminesces even in methanol solution at room temperature (157). Finally, solid trans-Pt(py),Cl, luminesces brightly at low temperature, but the cis isomer shows only very weak emission (155). In contradictory fashion, however, in a series of dihalo bis-ethanolamine and bis-diethanolamine platinum(I1) complexes, both the cis and trans isomers were found to luminesce at low temperature (156). Unfortunately, there are no photochemical data available for the latter group of complexes.

Korber, Z . Angew. , 14, 32 (1962). Acridine molecule (S + T absorption in CHCI3/75 atm Oz), from D. F. Evans, J. Chem. , 1351 (1957). 1N &SO,. Converted value from Table V. ' Converted value from Table 111. a fer part of the time from their singlet state to 4L, levels and part from the triplet to 2D (or perhaps to a higher doublet with subsequent internal conversion). Furthermore, X,, from +L; to 2D is sufficiently small compared to the rate constant for NH3 aquation to make the intersystem crossing unobservable.

31/A ? 30-3 1 ? 0? 0 ? 5 T" - +/Reaction modeb 102 22,105a 12,16 124 118 116 1Olb 116 88 86 125,95 126 12 90,123 Refs. O/d-dg a + ? 5/CT Emission max/ type" Frequencies in kK. A = aquation, R = reduction-oxidation, irradiation usually in L1for A and in CT for R. Photolysis yields Rh(py),CI3 (ref. 118). , Ru(NH&NZZ+)photooxidize under CT irradiation (refs. 85,86). For irradiation with 28-29 kK light. 3 k K light. g See text; none observed for Pt(NH3)4(SCN)zz nor for Pt(en)zC1z2 + + + Co(NH3)s3 Co(NH,)dZ+ Co(CN)G3Co(CN)dS03)z5 C0(CN)J3Rh(NH3)5Cla Rh(py)4C1zf Rh(py)zCbcis-Rh(phen)zClz I~(PY)~C~~cis-Ir(phen),Clz RU(NH~MPYY' Ru(CN)04Ru(dPP)zCL R~(dipy),~ Ru(dipy)2Clz Ru(phen)32 Os(dpp)zClz PtBreZirun~-Pt(NH~)~Br~~ Compound + + Refs.

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