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He also published Conrad au Congo ( 1925; translated 1926). KLEIN, Georges Antoine. An agent of the Belgian Congo exploitation company, he joined the Roi des Belges at Stanley Falls for the return journey to Kinshasa in September 1890 but, already seriously ill with dysentery at the start of the voyage, he died on board (21 September). ' However, in spite of his claim in the 'Author's Note' that the story records 'experience pushed a little (and only very little) beyond the actual facts of the case', the parallel between Kurtz and Klein seems slight.

DELCOMMUNE, Alexandre. As leader of the Congo exploration party that Conrad joined in 1890, he met Conrad and was on board the Roi des Belges with him in August of that year. He is referred to in Conrad's Congo Diary. His younger brother Camille was the Belgian manager of the Congo enterprise based at Kinshansa and is depicted as the 'Manager' in Heart of Darkness (Conrad had met him in August 1890). DOUBLEDAY, Frank, American publisher. He stagemanaged Conrad's visit to the USA in 1923. Conrad stayed at Doubleday's home on Long Island and accompanied him on a motor tour of New England.

Crossed a broad river about I 00 feet wide and 4 deep ... walking along an undulating plain towards the Inkandu market on a hill. Hot, thirsty and tired. At II arrived on the m[ar]ket place. About 200 people. Business brisk. No water; no camp[in]g place. After remaining for one hour left in search of a resting place. Row 44 A Conrad Companion with carriers. No water. M. camped on an exposed hill side near a muddy creek. No shade. Tent on a slope. Sun heavy. Wretched .... Night miserably cold. No sleep.

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