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By Erwin Tschirner, Randall Jones

A Frequency Dictionary of German is a useful instrument for all rookies of German, offering an inventory of the 4,034 most frequently used phrases within the language. in line with a 4.2 million-word corpus that is lightly divided among spoken, fiction and non-fiction texts, the dictionary offers an in depth frequency-based record plus alphabetical and a part of speech indexes. All entries within the rank frequency record function the English similar, a pattern sentence plus a sign of significant check in version. The dictionary additionally contains twenty-one thematically equipped lists of usually used phrases on quite a few issues in addition to 11 designated vocabulary lists. A Frequency Dictionary of German goals to let scholars of all degrees to maximise their examine of German vocabulary in an effective and fascinating manner.

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Examples are kyritam 'I used to do' > kortem, uthan 'courtyard' > uthon. g. Persian hisdb 'accounts' > hiseb; English Guernsey > gonji > gonji. 3. ASSAMESE. Like its close relative Bengali, Assamese shows vocalic assimilation, though in a less sweeping way. The historical split of e and o into open and close varieties depending on the following vowel is attested by such pairs of words as kola 'black' (Skt. kokild) vs. kola 'plantain' (Skt. kadald), moh 'buffalo' (Skt. mahisd) vs. msh 'gnat' ((Skt.

14. A phonetic distinction between long [o-] and [o-] is not mentioned by Zvelebil, but is plainly observable in the Vellore dialect already referred to. Before high vowels, [o-] occurs, as in p[o-]hu 'it will go', k[o-]vil 'temple'; before other vowels, [o-] occurs, as inp[o-]ra 'he goes', k[s-]nal 'crooked'. There is no evidence of contrast, and the phenomenon has not been reported so far from other Tamil dialects. 2. TODA. In Toda *o (but not *e) shows effects of *a in the next syllable. ' An example is Ta.

Et-aru 'stumble', became LTa. it-am (cf. OKa. ed-aru), PSDr. *por-ay 'layer' became LTa. pur-ai (cf. OKa. por-e). However, as Krishnamurti notes (465), there are a number of unexpected survivals of *e and *o in Old Tamil literature, and these probably derive from Old Tamil dialects where the dissimilatory shift did not occur. 3. A SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT IN KANNADA. In Kanarese, by the 8th century AD, radical short e and o, in the environment before single consonant plus high vowel i or u, were raised to i and u respec- Dravidian Metaphony 21 lively (cf.

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