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G. B^r. ). 6. T h e differences between B H and M H are obvious and striking. They extend style of expression. to grammar, vocabulary, and general Some grammatical forms which are common in B H either have become rare, or have disappeared altogether in MH. Again, certain forms which are rare in B H have become the normal type in M H . Then as to vocabulary, we meet in M H large numbers of words which are rare or unknown in B H , but are common in Aram. in B H are absent in M H . Again, many words that are common Many B H words are used in M H in a changed connotation, usually as in Aram.

C. ) in an address, D''P * water kept over night* and ^our water*, P*s. 42 a. , which would have used different words for these two ideas, viz. , ^H^D^ and K3b^*n; cf. RashI, vol. xv (1903), p . 29. a popular audience in Palestine in the time of Rabbi of D^^^a D^yVa ^ 9 ( = D^ara = niS^a), San. 5 b. adloc, Further the confusion by Contrast, however, the and different account in 3. S'bi. vi, I ; Gi^. I, 2. • The evidence can be found on almost every page of both Talmuds, and INTRODUCTION 5 even in the middle of an Aram, conversation (cf.

F. Hillel, Die Nominalbildung in der Mischnah, 1891. H. Sachs, Die Partikeln der Mischna, 1897. M. H. Segal, MiSnaic Hebrew and its relation to Biblical Hebrew and to Aramaic, fQR. (Old Series), vol. X X , pp. 647-737, and separately, Oxford, 1909. Siegfried, Zur Lehre von dem zus, geseizien Satze im Neuhebr,, Kohut, Semitic Studies, pp. 543 ff. , 1 9 1 1 , pp. 205 fF. J. Barth, Die Nominalbildung in den semit Sprachen, 1894. S. Stein, Das Verbum in der Mischnasprache, 1888. A . Kohut, Aruch Completum, Wien, 1878-92.

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