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By Kenneth Henshall

Japan's effect at the smooth global has been huge, immense. It occupies only one three hundredth of the planet's land zone, but got here to wield one 6th of the world's fiscal strength. simply a hundred and fifty years in the past it used to be an imprecise land of paddy fields and feudal despots. inside 50 years it grew to become a tremendous imperial energy – it's so-called 'First Miracle'. After defeat within the moment global conflict, while Japan got here with reference to annihilation, inside of 25 years it recovered remarkably to turn into the world's 3rd greatest financial system – it's 'Second Miracle'. it really is no longer merely an monetary superpower, but in addition a technological and cultural superpower. real miracles haven't any rationalization: Japan's 'miracles' do. The nation's good fortune lies in deeply ingrained historic values, similar to a realistic decision to be successful. the area can examine a lot from Japan, and its tale is instructed in those pages.

Covering the whole sweep of eastern heritage, from historic to modern, this publication explores Japan's huge, immense impression at the sleek global, and the way important it truly is to envision the earlier and tradition of the rustic so one can complete comprehend its achievements and responses. Now in its 3rd version, this ebook is usefully up-to-date and revised.

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