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4. Diary, I I Dec. 1917, M. 1. 9 12-1 9 2 4 ( 195 2 ), p. 99· 5. Labour Party Seventeenth Annual Report (1918) , p. 140. 6. M. 1. Cole, op. cit. p. 141. 7. George Young, quoted Maddox, Foreign Relat ions in Br itish Labour Politics , p. 74. 8. Henderson to Inkpin, I I Sept. 1920, quoted in Labour Party Annual Report (1921) , p. 19. 2. Labour Party Annual Report FURTHER READING Dr . McKibbin's study, mentioned on p. 34, is the best account of organisational developments. See a lso Royden Harrison, 'The War Emergency National Workers' Committee, 1914-1920' , in A.

His object was to weld the Socialist and trade-union elements firmly together and to provide for the admission to full membership of people who were not trade unionists : middle-class people, for instance, and also women, who were shortly to get the vote . The new draft therefore arranged for the opening of the local Labour Parties to individual membership, so that it would no longer be necessary for the Labour Party supporter to secure his membership of the party through one of the affiliated Socialist societi es or trade unions.

26 A Pressure-group under Pressure (1906-14) As has been said, the most difficult time for the Labour Party was after the 1910 elections, when it had to sustain the Liberal Party in power at all costs, and at the same time seek from it the concession of legislation to reverse the Osborne Judgment. s, in return for which MacDonald gave Lloyd George a guarantee that the party would support his Insurance Bil1. s or candidates to sign a pledge to observe the party's constitution and Standing Orders.

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