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By M. H. N. Tattersall (auth.), Professor Dr. Hans-Jörg Senn, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Aron Goldhirsch, Dr. Richard D. Gelber, Dr. Bruno Osterwalder (eds.)

The final "consumer" of the information provided at meetings at the fundamental remedy of operable breast melanoma is the sufferer, and whilst, as during this sickness, some great benefits of remedy are quite mod­ est, the supply and interpretation of the knowledge from trials be­ comes a subject matter of fundamental value. the results of current deal with­ ment are actually such that extra sufferers relapse regardless of remedy than are envisioned to profit from it. it's, consequently, tremendous dif­ ficult for the health care provider to suggest unequivocally one specific adjuvant therapy modality for the giant inhabitants of ladies with breast melanoma. the translation of effects from scientific research-oriented seasoned­ grams is consistently utilized, even though, within the remedy of breast melanoma sufferers outdoor of scientific trials. From awarded or submit­ ed info, many physicians extrapolate symptoms for using a given remedy routine for his or her sufferers, perceiving it because the "best on hand remedy. " it really is crucial that the "best on hand remedy" be chosen separately for every sufferer. even though, contemplating the modest impact of remedy upon final result, it really is principal that those that give you the info - those people who are fascinated by either pa­ tient care and medical examine - make it recognized that the easiest cur­ lease therapy for the inhabitants of breast melanoma sufferers is avail­ capable in the framework of medical trials. during this manner not just present-day sufferers but in addition destiny ones will derive the best benefit.

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1986b; Morris et al. 1978; Ragaz et al. 1987a). It is not presently known whether surgery will be needed, after an effective initial pretreatment of the tumor, and if so, to what extent. One conclusion, however, emerges undeniably: Preoperative chemotherapy, along with the locoregional treatment modalities and hormones, has brought the entity of locally advanced tumors from the scenario of a certainty for locoregional and systemic recurrences into the arena of potentially curable human malignancies.

M. Hryniuk plain why the results of adjuvant treatment appeared better in the 6-month group. We would urge that whenever trial results are published, received doses and delays should be calculated and reported. The most appropriate method would probably be the cumulative dose plot recently suggested by Coppin (1987). Dose Intensity and Tumor Burden Prednisone allows higher doses of CMF to be administered. This increases the received dose intensity and improves the therapeutic outcome in advanced breast cancer (Tormey et al.

For regimens containing only one drug, dose intensity is calculated without regard to the particular schedule specified in the protocol, and is expressed as mg/ m 2 /week. Dose intensity calculated in this way correlates very well with outcome for a variety of single agents in various malignant diseases (Hryniuk 1988). For regimens containing more than one drug, dose intensity is calculated by arbitrarily choosing one regimen as the standard and expressing all other regimens relative to the arbitrarily chosen standard.

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