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I really came upon this e-book very worthy. the reasons have been particularly available and thorough. i didn't use the accompanying disc, yet i am convinced it really is priceless to boot, given the examples that the e-book is going via look relatively hassle-free.

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We use both Solver and the Analysis ToolPak regression routine, so it is worth checking on the Tools menu that both are available. 22 which includes both Solver and Data Advanced Excel Functions and Procedures 27 Analysis options. If either is missing from the Tools menu, click on the Add-Ins option (also on the Tools menu). 22, then click OK. As a result, you should see both Solver and Data Analysis on the Tools menu. 5 of the Equities part of the book where it is used to find optimum portfolio weights.

4 Entering Code and Executing Macros VBA code is entered on a Module sheet. To add one to the workbook, on the VB window menu, choose Insert then Module to get a blank module sheet in the Code window. Begin Introduction to VBA 45 typing in the Code window, for example: Sub MsgBoxDemo() MsgBox “Click OK to continue” End Sub At the end of the first statement, when you press Enter, Excel adds the End Sub statement. You may also notice the ‘quick information’ feature, which assists with the entry of recognisable bits of syntax.

This type of code must be entered manually. 2 MsgBox for Interaction In general, a subroutine gets its input either from spreadsheet cells or from the user (via the screen) and its outputs are either pasted into the workbook or displayed to the user. Two useful display screens are generated by the VBA built-in functions, MsgBox() and InputBox(). The simpler of these, MsgBox(), displays a message on screen then pauses for user response, as is illustrated below: Sub MsgBoxDemo1() MsgBox “Click OK to continue” End Sub The message (or ‘prompt’) is within the quotation marks and must be present.

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