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In the one-stage process, phenol reacts with excess formaldehyde, so that the phenol to formaldehyde ratio is less than one. Bases such as sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide catalyze the reaction. At short times, A- or B- stage resins form. The A-stage resin (or Resol) is a low molecular weight linear polymer that readily dissolves in basic media. The B-stage resin (or Resitol) has a higher molecular weight and a small amount of crosslinking between chains. Resitol is insoluble in bases, but completely soluble in organic solvents and is thermoplastic.

The tetrahedral angle GT and the rotational bond angle

1956, 78, 2656 24. H. Hagihara, T. Shiono, T. Ikeda, Macromolecules 1998, 31, 3184 25. A. Howell, ACS Division of Polymeric Materials, Science and Engineering (PMSE) 2000, 83, 578 26. A. H. Sperling, Polymer Blends and Composites; Plenum: New York, 1976 27. H. Huang, B. L. Wilkes, Macromolecules 1987, 20(6), 13 27 TOPICS in POLYMER PHYSICS Appendix 1A - Derivation of the Most Probable Distribution For condensation polymerization, the repeat unit reactivity is independent of chain length. This means that probability arguments can be used to derive the number average or the weight average molecular weight [1].

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