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By G. Yazdani

Ajanta; the color and monochrome reproductions of the Ajanta Frescoes in line with images, with an explanatory textual content by way of G. Yazdani, and Appendices at the Painted and Incised Inscriptions via N.P. Chakravarti and B.Ch. Chhabra

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The other compartments of the rim are now destroyed. O f the eight divisions of the nave of the wheel, five can be made out, the remaining three 1 Griffiths, Paintings of Ajanta , i, 3 5 , also Waddell, Lamaism, pp. 10 7 —9. 2 Griffiths ( Paintings of Ajanta , i, 35) has identified it with a sword, but the position o f the two figures does not indicate that one o f them has thrust a sword into the chest 22 o f the other. T h e y appear to be occupied in conversation rather than in a struggle. 3 For the symbolical significance o f the mask and the extra pair o f eyes see Griffiths, Paintings of Ajanta , i, 35, and also Waddell, Lamaism, pp.

The w-ater-flagon is also the emblem o f the Bodhisattvas Maitreya and Avalokitesvara (Plates I V a and V I£). Above the hermit there was another figure, the drawing o f one o f whose legs suggests rapid movement. Behind this figure was also painted a tree with long leaves. THE MOTHER AND CHILD BEFORE THE BUDDHA AND OTHER BUDDHIST DEITIES P la te V II 6-c These figures are fainted on the side toails of the second tvindoiVy to the right of the main entrance, in the veranda of Cave X V 1 1 . H E S E paintings until quite recently were concealed under a pall o f smoke and dirt, but although the colours o f the paintings are almost destroyed, the figures can be made out by the outlines o f their draw-ings.

1 The keen eye o f an artist may, however, discover the figure of the hunter Sonuttara, who has stretched his bow to its utmost capacity and is shooting an arrow at the lordly elephant (Plate X). Lower down a white elephant of colossal size is represented,2 who has apparently been wounded by the arrow shot by the hunter. The benign animal has discerned the evil motive of the hunter in wounding him, and though he is in great agony on account of the pain caused -by the arrow, he is pulling out his tusks with his own trunk in order to present them to the hunter.

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