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The replacement of gypsum with Na2 SO4 can activate the potential activity of phosphorus slag and increase the early strength of portland phosphorus slag cement very significantly (Shi et al. 1989b). The latent cementitious properties of granulated phosphorus slag can be very effectively activated using alkalis (RST 5024-83 1983, Shi and Li 1989b). The Na2 SiO3 -activated phosphorus slag mortars exhibit a compressive strength of 80 MPa at 28 days. The other interesting fact is that the presence of soluble phosphates does not affect the setting and strength development of alkali-activated granulated phosphorus slag cements (Shi and Li 1989b).

1989) 0 50 1 16 0 39 USA Hogan and Rose (1986) 0 4 0 48 0 77 0 25 UK Osborne and Singh (1995) furnace slag from several countries in the world. It seems that these slags have very similar SiO2 and CaO contents, but have an obvious difference in Al2 O3 , MgO and TiO2 contents. 1 Slow cooling A slow cooling of slag melts leads to a stable solid, which consists of crystalline Ca–Al–Mg silicates. Melilite – a solid solution of gehlenite C2 AS and akermanite C3 MS2 – is the most common mineral. 2. 3.

12 Ranges of the 29 Si chemical shift of the silicate structural units (based on Hoebbel and Ebert 1988). 0 Percentage of structural units (%) Q0 Q1 2 Qcy−3 Q2 Q3 Q4 1 12 20 7 25 31 0 22 28 33 36 13 53 6 0 7 0 0 10% higher than those in a solution made from anhydrous Na2 SiO3 (Dent Glasser and Lachowski 1980). Concentration of sodium silicate solutions also affects the mean condensation degree of silicate anions. 13), which indicates a decreased mean condensation degree of the anions. 1 M sodium silicate solution.

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