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By Malcolm E. Falkus

This non-technical, readable publication lines the background of North Thames fuel from the nationalization of the fuel in 1949 till privatization in 1986, a interval which observed the switch shape a place within the Nineteen Fifties the place its survival was once threatened.

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The new public enterprise. It says much for the spirit of goodwill and cooperation existing at the time that so many individuals who had publicly taken a stance against nationalisation (Milne-Watson and Sylvester among them) were entrusted by the Labour Government with the task of leading the new public enterprise. Five of the new Boards had chairmen brought in from outside the gas industry and no other undertaking, statutory or municipal, retained such a large share of its former identity after 1949.

3 Quarterly gas tariffs (domestic), 1951-60 (d. 35 1 1Plus 7s. primary charge. Source: North Thames Gas. 4 Average price of fuels (domestic and industrial), 1950-60 Gas Electricity Oil 1950 1955 1960 100 100 135 112 131 173 123 141 100 Source: Report from the Select Committee on Nationalised Industries, The Gas Industry, vol. 2 (1961) p. 613. electricity prices to the domestic consumer rose by only 22 per cent in the 1950s (the same rate as the increase in the general level of retail prices), while domestic oil prices rose 12 per cent.

G. D. Dillon was a partner with the Chartered Accountants, Barton Mayhew and Company, a firm which already had a long and close association with the Gas Light & Coke Company. Dillon had a particular interest in the gas industry, having been involved previously in organising new methods of marketing gas byproducts. Mrs I. T. Barclay had the distinction of becoming in 1922 the first woman Chartered Surveyor. Subsequently she had much experience in housing matters and was Housing Manager for several housing associations.

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