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By Neal Stephenson

Der Mond explodierte ohne Vorwarnung und ohne erkennbaren Grund. Die Uhrzeit würde guy später als A+0.0.0 oder schlicht Null bezeichnen …

05:03:12 Weltzeit. Die Stunde Null. Nach der Explosion des Mondes wütet über Jahrtausende ein Meteoritensturm, der die Erdoberfläche in eine unbewohnbare Wüstenei verwandelt. Um die Menschheit vor der Auslöschung zu bewahren, schickten die Nationen der Erde eine Flotte von Archen ins All. Der Asteroid Amalthea, der ursprünglich zu Forschungszwecken an eine internationale Raumstation angedockt worden struggle, soll der Kolonie als Schutzschild dienen. Doch das Leben im Weltraum fordert einen hohen Tribut, und die meisten Menschen sterben, bis schließlich nur noch sieben Frauen übrig sind, um eine neue Zivilisation zu begründen. 5000 Jahre später existieren zwei Völker: die Nachfahren derer, die die Katastrophe auf der Erde überlebt haben, sind primitive Siedler; die sieben Stämme der Nachkommen der Sieben Urmütter von der Raumstation hingegen hochkultiviert ― und sie machen sich auf, die Erde zu kolonialisieren …

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She wandered fearfully down the hill toward the highway that ran through town, her hand going to her heart as if feeling a deep pain. She looked behind, then ahead, then into the black sky, where stars twinkled benignly between the high mountain ridges. She stared for a long moment at the Hyde Mining Company, an immense concrete citadel just across the river, now black against the sky. In her terror-crazed imagination, the windows of the old building were eyes and the huge doors mouths, and it was sizing her up for a meal.

Certainly, every resident had to have his own story, his own answer for why he was there. Steve could see several clues along the way: the vast, green pastures with century-old stumps standing black and rotten and twenty or thirty head of cattle lazily passing the day; aging logging equipment, boom cranes and log skidders; metal shops and metal garages with machines being worked on; horse barns and paddocks, their occupants free on acres of green, kicking the air, chasing the wind; satellite dishes popping up like mushrooms, facing this way and that; fire-blackened areas where the dry brush had burned away to clear the way for the spring’s greening; a lumber mill half hidden behind a berm of red sawdust; a Y in the road called Able, with a dismal little tavern for sale, a gas station with one pump, and a mercantile still holding on, its Coca-Cola sign still offering Coke in glass bottles.

Steve looked down the hill at the food cache. It was on the edge of a grove of trees, and a bear could have been hiding there, having caught the scent of the evening meal wafting down the hill and having approached from below. He looked at Tracy and nodded toward the trees. She nodded back yes. That was where they had found Cliff’s body. It would be the first place to look, the first place one would expect to find signs of bear, clues to what happened. Steve started down the hill toward the trees, his eyes carefully surveying the ground, the surrounding forest.

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