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By William M. Etter

American Literary-Political Engagements: From Poe to James examines how authors within the nineteenth-century usa frequently engaged the politics in their instances via literature as they conceptualized political matters in literary phrases. matters over Jacksonian democracy, social reform in a swiftly industrializing American financial system, African-American familial cooperation within the post-Civil battle period, altering conceptions of culpability with admire to the legislations, and marginalized participants' involvement in political agitation close to the shut of the century have been made the critical topics of various literary works which, even though rarely characterised as brazenly political, however made those political matters a question of, and for, literary paintings. via examinations of Edgar Allan Poe's comedic stories the way to Write a Blackwood Article and A obstacle, Rebecca Harding Davis' novel Margret Howth, Mattie J. Jackson's postbellum slave narrative, William Dean Howells' a contemporary example, and Henry James' The Princess Casamassima, this ebook considers how those texts increase our figuring out of nineteenth-century America's conceptions of the probabilities and obligations of literature and of well known democracy, industrialization, African-American girls, the legislation, political agitation, and incapacity.

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Health reformers repeatedly emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to the body that attended equally to skeletal, circulatory, pulmonary, and dietary health under the assumption that “‘if one member,’ in any part of the body, ‘suffer, all the members suffer with it’” (Alcott 53). Yet while these writers claimed they considered the body from an objective scientific standpoint, like Poe they assumed the posture of objective observation in the service of celebrating the conceptual coherence of the unified body in aesthetic terms.

Embody aesthetic degeneration and decline brought about through industry”; thus, and taking into consideration dominant conceptions of disability at the time, Lois would serve as a powerful indictment of the damage industrialism wrecked on laboring classes (265). However, factors that could be imagined as internalized are frequently interspersed with externalizations of the causes of Lois’ disabilities. Along with Lois’ own explanations for the causes of her disabilities, Davis’ narrator repeatedly suggests a racialized physical determinism has rendered Lois permanently impaired.

In Poe’s aesthetic vision, the politically disruptive and disturbingly vulgar common reader typically finds himself the butt of the joke. CHAPTER TWO PRODUCTION, POLITICS, AND DISABILITY IN REBECCA HARDING DAVIS’ MARGRET HOWTH While Edgar Allan Poe’s comedic tales sought to advance a conservative literary and political vision to counter Jacksonian democracy, two decades later the figures of “common” Americans served as the ground for Rebecca Harding Davis, in her 1862 industrial novel Margret Howth: A Story of To-day, to claim to be writing a distinctive form of literature that would advance political claims for social reform in a new mode.

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