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1962a) Isolation a n d characterization o f a c o m p o u n d from the urine o f schizophrenics, Nature, 1 9 4 , 8 6 7 - 8 . FRIEDHOFF, A . J . and V A N W I N K L E , E. (1962b) T h e characteristics o f a n amine found i n the urine o f schizophrenic patients, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1 3 5 , 5 5 0 - 5 . FRIEDHOFF, A . J . and V A N W I N K L E , E . (1963) Conversion o f dopamine t o 3,4-dimethoxyphenylacetic acid in schizophrenic patients, Nature, 1 9 9 , 1271-2. GJESSING, L .

With D 40 T . L . P E R R Y ET AL, spectrophotofluorometric and biological assays, the possibility always exists that one is unwittingly measuring two or more compounds simultaneously. In our preliminary examination of human whole brain we have detected the following amines: ethanolamine, methylamine, pyrrolidine, piperidine, putrescine, spermidine, spermine, histamine, 1-methylhistamine, normetanephrine and serotonin. The amounts of histamine a n d serotonin present are far lower than has been reported for other mammalian brain examined by spectrophotofluorometric methods.

1962) U r i n a r y excretion o f amines in normal children, Pediatrics, 3 0 , 5 7 6 - 8 4 . PERRY, T. L . (1963) N-methylmetanephrine: excretion by juvenile psychotics, Science, 1 3 9 , 587-9. PERRY, T. L . a n d SCHROEDER, W . A . (1963) T h e occurrence o f amines in h u m a n urine: determination b y c o m b i n e d i o n exchange a n d paper chromatography, Journal of Chromatography, 1 2 , 358-73. PERRY, T . L . , H A N S E N , S . a n d JENKINS, L . C . (1964a) A m i n e content o f normal h u m a n cerebrospinal fluid, Journal of Neurochemistry, 1 1 , 49-53.

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